quarter century life gift

my quarter century gift : the most amazing journey in my life
♥ got a “what it called : lucky” job
♥ being located at what people used to call : island of heaven : Bali
♥ riding my own new pink vehicle (yeah, it was given by my dad actually, xixi)
♥ covering my hair and fulfil one of my obligation as a muslim
♥ having him in my world who made my day become more colorful
♥ finally the laptop is officially being mine, yippie \^o^/
♥ got a new lil cute niece called SABRIYA (she is so beautiful just like a lil angel, i swear ^^)
♥ my lis sist being graduated on end of this month after struggling for a looong time, hehe
♥ my dad is getting retired after working for more than 30 years just to fulfil our needed and trying so hard to make us happy by giving anything we want. ure will always be my hero, dad
♥ take a very long trip : from bali to jakarta using a short-term bus instead of a direct bus and spending more than 24 hours sitting in the bus without showerin and brushin my teeth : yeiiiks.
but the most important thing on this point is : i can conquer my fear
GOD, i am so grateful of whatever you gave to me during my 25 years.
hope that going onward YOU will keep giving us the strength and miracle
GOD is always kind, prudent, and knows the best for all of us.
i do believe in that.
march, 22 2010
when my 26 years old birthday is being celebrated
my graffiti in the sand

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