meet me in Paris

listening to my wedding song, and i remembering you
i remember asked Abubakr about what was the meaning of that song, and u asked me curiously with ur blue eyes
“so that was ur wedding song? it is beautiful”, u were titling ur head while asking that

driving my car home, and i remembering you
i remember what u told me on that sunny afternoon about how u missed ur drive while we are away from where we belong
“my hands is so itchy. i miss my drive. oh wait, see that ball above that men’s head? its so funny”, you said pointed at a man with a holy hat on his head,
and we both laughed very loudly

staring at the full moon, and i remembering you
i remember when we were waiting for the full moon to come in that green park near the temple, saw a metro train passing the brigde over the sky
and u said “that full moon will be my gift to you, happy women’s day”

“no, i didnt get hangover last night. i remembered that i have a promise to visit this place with you, so i just took my dinner and went to bed.
prepared for today. with you”, you said when i asked did he get out with some friends to the pub as what announced at class.


while breathing my breath, i still remembered how u make me smile when u said “good morning, my lady bug”

every day in a week, we will always have a cold date in the morning waiting for a train to come at metro station with our friends as a background

do u remembered about planetarium?
how we argued a lot about how great our country is
ur country doesnt have planetarium? you suck, we laughed

it was a day when u sat beside me, and there was a quiz from our teacher to re-arrange some letter into a word
and gotcha, we found PLANETARIUM as the longest word and beat all our friends in the class. we did the high five!

it was nice.
with you i laughed everyday.
with you i learn about politeness.
with you i become proud of who i am.

we joked.
we traveled.
we observed.
we learned.

hey im just look like a little girl who is falling in love
with her biggest idol

and maybe yes, ure my biggest idol in the world.
Sherlock Holmes.

meet me in Paris.
i’ll tell u my untold stories.

ps : i think i should never meet you. you just make me haunted. like crazy.



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