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one of my cover book design, adopted from a link that i hardly remember. pardon me.


Nowadays, i attend an IELTS course at West Jakarta.
i got a scholarship from Bappenas for the EAP program.
since i applied for the linkage program and i got failed on it, i just thankful that i still got a chance to escaped from my crazy office 😀

for this 5 days, i have been writing a lot of sentences just to practiced my grammar and pronunciation.
actually i did that 2 years ago when i attended another English course, but i forgot that by somehow.
and yesterday, our teacher gave us a homework that we had to write something about our childhood.
for me, this homework was special because i did that in the train during my journey back from the course place to depok, the place where i live in for the next 4 months.
so i would like to re-write my homework here, just as a reminder for me that i worked so hard for it.
here is the story.

A memorable event from my childhood was flying a helicopter with my relatives.
What happended during this event was i got an offered from him who worked in army to fly his helicopter back to the hangar at a different town.
This offered came becouse he had to fly it with no army passanger and he wanted to go to the city where my grandmother was live in.
And he thought it would be good for me as a child to experienced something scarcely happend to the civilian.
Of course i accepted his offers happily.
So, on the day as been determined, we fly that helicopter.
During the journey, i keep amazed how i could travelled using a gigantic metal cubicle i usually seen high away from my home.
I looked down and saw the beautiful view outside and keep waving tend as if someone could see me down there.
It was took 1 hours to reached my grandmother’s house while it usually took 8 hours using a bus.
This journey was memorable to me because i could feel something that i never felt before.
It was my first experience using the aircraft as a transportation mode, because as a middle-class family, using an airplane was nearly impossible.
What i had learned about my memorable event was that every little thing came from the willingness to dream.
Everytime i saw a helicopter when i played with my friends on the football field next to my house, i would wave at it and whispered when i could get the opportunity to feel how it was to fly using a helicopter.

And by miracle, it happened for a reasons.
I believed that every thing happened for a reason.
Because a journey is always started with a single footstep.

Period. ——————————–

I still have more weeks to go, i hope i can improve it later.
Inlingua. Agustus 2014.


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