.:: Brain Lesion ::.

First of November. 2014.
Saturday night.

I did my first IELTS test.
The real one.

Finally. It was done.

In a nutshell,
Listening section? I stood still.
Everything was seems so bright.

Reading section? Easier in fact.

Writing section? Well, my hands started shaking.
I could not focus. I lose my consciousness.
I thought i failed.

Speaking section? I did mess up.
At the last two practice speaking test, i did so well.
I even got 7 from the real examiner.

But today?
I got question about “who you find the job is interesting”.
And I could not find any other than a pilot.
My favorite vocation, though.

I ended my spoke at 1.21 when it was supposed to be at 2.00 sharp.
The examiner asked me to add some more words.
And I had no cue.

I hope i did well.
I hope this three months practicing was worth-ed.

I felt higgledy-piggledy.

2015 resolution : get a Macbook Air!


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